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In canada, information for the consumer from roche states it is best to avoid alcoholic drinks during treatment with lariam.

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unfortunately the parasites have developed a resistance against the most common drugs mefloquine lariam and chloroquine nivaquine in most areas as well against the latest front line drug artemisinin.

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if a significant loss of drug product is observed or suspected because of vomiting, a second full dose of lariam should be administered to patients who vomit less than 30 minutes after receiving the drug.

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concomitant administration of lariam and quinine or quinidine may produce electrocardiographic abnormalities.

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but roche did know something about lariam and suicide.

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even though lariam has been known to trigger psychosis among those with a history of neuropsychiatric disorders such as paranoid schizophrenia or bipolar mania , it is not known if it creates new problems for healthy individuals where none were before.


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